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December 17, 2018

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Photo By Judy Malley, 2000

Rose Hill, St. George's, Bermuda

The SGCMembers'
Internet Home Page

The SGCMembers'
Internet Home Page and informative link pages, are dedicated to the
member-investors at the St. George's Club, Rose Hill, St. George's, Bermuda. The
Club is a premier time share complex providing right to use unit weeks, for 25
years, in distinctive Bermuda cottages. The Club, a recent recipient of RCI's
Gold Crown designation, is adjacent to the Bermuda Government's St. George's
Golf Course, a very challenging par 61 Robert Trent Jones

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MAC (R 8/26/01)

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2001 (R 5/12/01)

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Gazette Article of 2/24/02: Push For A Tourism Authority.
Member DeMarco E-mail of 2/23 To Webmaster.
Member Letter of 2/1 To The MAC.
Letter to Editor of 1/16/02.

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The Webmaster continues to urge the sending
of member issue concerns to the relevant parties. The pertinent fax numbers are
as follows:
MAC Chairman: John E. Bradley: Fax: (617) 859-7272
Royal Gazette:
Fax: (441) 292-2498
David Allen, Minister of Tourism: Fax:(441)
David Dodwell, UBP Shadow Minister: Fax:(441) 238-8894

A number of recent Royal Gazette articles have addressed the effects of the ongoing tourism debacle. While the Bermuda Parliament went back to active sessions on November 2, there has been absolutely no press coverage regarding the dire need to review and revise the 1981 Timeshare Act and the companion Club Rules & Regulations. It is clearly essential for this action to support the sole remaining and sustaining element of timesharing which, in the opinion of the webmaster, is mandated for the only bright spot left for tourism success. Unless a dramatic development emerges, only additional impacts on the tourism numbers are foreseen. The latest numbers indicate a 17% drop in Bermuda overall tourism for the last quarter of 2001! It would appear that we now face the dire need for addressing the 1981 Timeshare Act. In addition the sending of concerns to the relevant parties is essential "to start righting the tourism ship."

The webmaster is pleased to post the letter of 1/16/02 to the Royal Gazette Editor by club members Rick and Beth Morris. This represents the kind of action step that is necessary due to the lack of attention given to the timeshare tourism equation by Bermuda's government. Many more expressions in the same vein would send a positive message that is vitally needed. See also the posted letter to the MAC of 2/2/02

Special Note: Cottage 14/Week 36 with an end date of 2011 is available for resale at $25...or rental at $1300. Check the updated Exchange Link.

The recent MAC/RCIM newletter indicated that the 2002 Annual meeting will be on May 5th at the Providence, RI Marriott...due to the continuing issues facing the Club, the Webmaster strongly recommends that members make every effort to attend this year. Another notice was the request for members to run for the MAC positions needed to be filled. Again, these are important for ensuring that the MAC provides the guidance vitally required in these troublesome days.

Posted today on the Recommended Links page was the honored status bestowed on the Olde Towne by the World Heritage Foundation. View it for daily event details.

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